At TAYDAY we have worked hard at creating natural skincare that really works on healing and nourishing the skin. Our TAYDAY fmasks have each been crafted to suit all skin types but each also have beneficial properties that work for specific skin concerns.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs everything that you put onto it so it makes sense to apply skincare that are power packed with super natural ingredients.  A lot of cosmetic and skincare products that are sold today do more damage than good to the skin and add more of a toxic load to the body with questionable ingredients known to cause and aggravate allergies, eczema, asthma and even some cancers. Natural skincare like TAYDAY skincare contains health promoting ingredients which are full of vitamins and antioxidants, derived from nature from natural sources they work hand in hand with the body to naturally heal and nourish the skin increasing your skins overall health and complexion.

Your complexion is a good indicator of your skin type and knowing your skin type is a must when deciding what products are most beneficial and why natural skincare makes sense.

There are 5 skin types that your skin will typically fall into Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination and Sensitive.

Lucky you if you are blessed with Normal Skin, normal might sound boring but in this case it is great! Normal skin types rarely suffer from dryness and/or oiliness. Pores on the skin are small with the skin showing few lines or wrinkles and an even skin tone is evident without excess shine or glow. Normal skin is balanced skin. For normal skin its all about maintaining that great balance and optimal skin health, using products to continue supporting nourishment to ensure the skin is balanced, hydrated and protected.

Dry Skin means that your skin is likely to be tight, rough and flaky. This type of skin is more likely to experience wrinkles & irritation. Dry skin occurs because the skin produces less sebum which is the naturally produced oils that the sebaceous glands secrete. With less sebum being produced the skin becomes more scaly, flaky, itchy and irritated. Dry skin lacks the ability to hold moisture and becomes more vulnerable to external environmental factors. The skin doesn’t build an effective shield to protect it. Dry skin needs deep mositurisation and products that soothe and prevent moisture loss from occurring.

Oily Skin is most often seen by the glow or a shine over the face. Oily skin has a grease like layer on the face. Blackheads and whiteheads are more visible as well as the skin being more prone to breakouts. With oily skin the skin produces too much sebum so oily skin needs products that balance oil production and prevent breakouts from occurring while still soothing the skin.

Many of us experience Combination Skin, where the T-Zone (the forehead, nose and chin) is oily and the cheeks and eye area are often dry or sensitive. Combination skin needs balancing products that do just that balance the production of oil or sebum while also nourishing and nurturing the skin.

I can speak from personal experience just how debilitating Sensitive Skin can be and how hard it is to face the world with a red, itchy, rash looking appearance which is part of the reason having a natural skincare line for TAYDAY is so important to me as I have personally seen the great results I have had and want others to share in fantastic, nourished skin. Sensitive Skin is really tricky and can be very difficult to manage. With sensitive skin you will often experience redness, itching, inflammation and irritation and rash. Sensitive skin is exactly that more sensitive and easily triggered by products and environmental conditions, the weather like cold air, sun, heat and air conditioning. Sensitive skin often responds really well to Natural Skincare as your not adding chemicals to an already overloaded sensitive area and body but rather using ingredients that promote and encourage healing, gently and calmly and ingredients that protect and nourish the skin.

TAYDAY skincare goes beyond the first layer of the epidermis to penetrate further below and assist in healing the skin from deep within. At TAYDAY we are all about Masks, what a great way to pamper and nourish with our beautiful masks. A ritual we are certain you will enjoy and your skin will love you! All of our masks are made with love, handmade in Australia with natural, sustainable and ethical ingredients, 100% vegan, no nasties – Free from sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours and petro chemicals or anything artificial and absolutely cruelty free. Each mask is suitable for any of the 5 skin types and will nourish and benefit and heal the skin regardless of your skin type. We nourish from the get go when hand crafting these beautiful products so that you can nourish at home knowing that your using quality, soul smiling feel good products. We hope these masks inspire you to create a beautiful TAYDAY ritual for yourself, a moment to take time out, to nourish, to check in and feel the goodness and love, your skin will feel the difference! Enjoy!