Routine is our day to day activities, they may not always be exciting, such as making breakfast, packing the dishwasher, driving to work etc day to day stuff or chores that we do and more likely just have to do every day. A ritual to me is similar to a routine in that it should be practiced daily or regularly however it means something more, there is not monotony behind it, instead there is something special about it, it might not be the action but rather the belief associated with that action is more meaningful.

Well this is the essence behind the TAYDAY ritual, it is doing something regularly for ourselves in celebrating ourselves and re-connecting with ourselves and why should a routine such as brewing your tea, or enjoying a bath or popping on a face mask not be filled with a special meaning because it is in these moments that we can address the most important thing, ourselves!

So often we are caught up in life with a multitude of things to do, to get through, to create, to prepare and work through that we just robot our way through the day disconnected from ourselves, especially with children and work, partners, family, chores etc that auto pilot becomes inevitable The routine of the day becomes monotonous and is just a set of things done throughout the day that really just had to be done. If we start viewing our routine or at least part of our routine as a meaningful practice, it gives it a sense of purpose and what better sense of purpose than giving time to yourself. Connecting with ourselves can become a meaningful routine and should be a meaningful part of our day that we look forward to – your ritual.

How can we have fulfilling relationships with others when we can’t even have fulfilling, understanding & caring relationships with ourselves. How can we be a connected parent, partner, boss, colleague, friend, daughter, lover, person when what and who we really are has been forgotten somewhere in last weeks To Do list as the last priority of the day! It is a lonely feeling being disconnected, feeling as though you have lost yourself along the way, living in the memory of who you once were before kids, jobs, bills, commitments and on and on but guess what- you are still in there, you still mater and deserve some time!

Sometimes it is just about making a conscious effort to allocate some ‘me time’ even if it is just 5 minutes. Make the effort the same as you would at work, with your partner or children, make that same effort for yourself. Loving, nurturing, time to check in attention. Maybe it is a simple as brewing your tea, having a warm bath instead of a rush shower, just sitting still for 10 minutes and focusing on your breathing and just saying where am I at. Instead of sitting in resentment and blaming others for the lack of time you have, you can rather own it and do something about it, recreate your time again. We all have routine things but we can add special times as little rituals that we do for ourselves.

Small amounts of time at first all add up and so let your new nurturing rituals begin. Celebrate you again, don’t feel guilty, see it as a reward and know that you will be better for looking after yourself and be grateful and happy to do so because you deserve to.  A small gesture of taking 10 minutes for yourself can be a game changer in your life.

Maybe it is time to take stock of what your current routines are and they can include anything from getting your daily coffee to unpacking the dishwasher to making your scrambled eggs for breakfast, doing your daily yoga practice, who knows but in taking stock and seeing what has meaning still, you can then address what needs to be changed and tweaked, what you do that doesn’t really serve you anymore and how that time can be better utilized and rather done in a way that does add value to your day and create a nurturing and nourishing time for yourself. It is about reassessing and making sure that you are taking time for yourself and that now becomes part of your routine. It all comes down to making a conscious choice to put yourself on the priority list to create a daily ritual within your day, that’s just for you.

I hope you use TAYDAY to create this time for yourself, that you use the packages and products with love and it is the platform to connect with yourself and nourish yourself and therefore nourish others and so the flow continues. This is the essence of the TAYDAY ritual.

Discover yourself and find your meaningful practice! ❤❤