We become so closed off to what is available to us, caught up in our situation or circumstances and barely able to see past what could be on the horizon.
For most of us it feels like groundhog day everyday, that feeling stuck feeling, like what is now will always be a forever and the problem comes about because we start to believe that this is so and so this becomes a reality for us. We stress about the future and how it is going to play out, we worry about the now and can imagine a life much of a much with the distant hope of some better changes in the future, but have you ever thought of in the present moment being open to the possibility of Possibility.

Have you ever gotten lost in the thought of what if? Have you ever imagined an existence and life that you truly deserve and let me guess once you dreamed it up and longed for it, felt what it would feel like for a moment, you brushed it off as a simple daydream and an impossible possibility.
What if instead we are open to the possibility of that life, that life we deserve. Three important factors to address here are:

  • Being open
  • Possibility
  • Deserving

Being open means that we have no fixed and firm belief, opening ourselves, our minds and our hearts to the potential out there and understanding that holding on to one notion is not necessarily the only notion because countless possibilities have the potential to play out, that destiny is forever changing as we make choices everyday and allow our thoughts and hearts to guide us. Being open allows us to flow and when we flow who knows where the destination can take us.

Possibility, well the possibilities are endless…. it may happen, may be the case, the odds are there, the potential is there! Possible implies that there is a chance… a chance for what is up to you! What you desire and want, what your heart wants and needs. We can be open to the possibility at least for great change, we can have a dream and feel it as a reality and consider the weight of its potential at least. Simply be open to seeing what happens.

Do you know what you deserve? Do you feel worthy of what you deserve, the life you deserve to have? Often the door closes on being open because what it comes down to is not feeling worthy enough to even imagine the possibilities of what could be and how much you actually deserve it. Sometimes we have to remember we haven’t come to this world to battle it out and get through. While every experience has its value in our growth it is not defining who we are and certainly not our worth. Just as we deserve to nourish ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually so we deserve to nourish our dreams and potential. Imagine it, feel it and see how it might be for you to feel like you really deserve it! What can you loose! if anything taking the time to listen and hear your heart and your desires and the feelings associated with that is only going to be a growing experience for you. Work on deserving. Break through the barriers of ‘not good enough’, ‘too big for me’ or ‘its not going to happen in my lifetime’ thoughts.

Explore what it is you want, ask your heart what it needs and be open to the possibility of possibility and you might just be surprised with what you discover and what comes into fruition. ❤