We are all well aware of the chaos around us right now, the sadness, devastation and uncertainty. It has certainly made us all question everything that we once knew and we have to try not less this be the catalyst for our own chaos. For many of us we know have our school age children at home with us. For me this means I have my 2 year old and 8 year old at home and am doing schoolwork with her. Plus with the current uncertainty many of us are questioning how we are going to keep our businesses up and running and so are working with what we can to try and save our passion projects. Stress levels are on the rise and all I feel I can do besides staying home and staying safe is to raise my vibration and stay calm within the chaos. This will also create a sense of strength for my children who are also feeling the chaos of the world on every level. I wanted to share my thoughts on the imprtance of a Daily or Morning Routine with you.

So with the kids at home and having to stay at home and everything else we are doing, lets talk about Daily Routine. I think having a Daily Practice is one bit of consistency that we can create within our lives and that will bring us some calm. What can we do to feel good?

So some ideas we can do to implement a Daily Routine:

  1. Can we start the day with 3 minutes of gratitude. A few minutes upon waking where we either just list and think about the things we are most grateful for? We can just think about it or if you are into using a journal or in your daily diary that maybe used to be full of appointments and reminders, you can just write them down and have that moment to really connect with those things, feel into them and feel the good vibe in them so you can take that feeling into the day.
  2. Meditation. There are so many platforms and channels to use to start meditation if you have not yet started. I would recommend going on YouTube and searching Gabrielle Bernstein, she has some amazing short meditations. Basically even if you are not into meditation besides trying it, even if you can spend 5 minutes just to calm your nervous system and use your breath, calm your breathing and deeply breathe it is a huge way to calm the farm and the internal dialogue of negativity and stress.
  3. Exercise. Can you spend 30 minutes doing yoga or Pilates, if you can’t get out jump onto YouTube and do a video. I can recommend Yoga with Adrienne or Blogilates. Videos for all levels and it is just doing something that helps your mind and body to move and keep active
  4. Read. Just 10 pages of a book that inspires you for the day, that will set you up to think and feel good, would be beneficial.
  5. Time. Make a cup of herbal tea and take the time while you are drinking it to just be quiet, put the news and your phone down and just check in with yourself.

What else can you do as part of a Daily routine that at this point in the world that can lift us up and keep us calm? Share and let us know your thoughts. Lets keep ourselves well in this time and support each other.

Much love to a world of uncertainty. Stay well and stay safe.