How to apply your vegan face mask – 5 easy steps

We love face masks at TAYDAY and if you are wondering what the best way to apply your face mask is here is a step by step guide. Using a face mask is an easy and fun way to commit to bettering your skin and creating that pamper time experience for yourself.


How to apply your face mask in a few easy steps

Step 1 – Cleanse your face

It is always best practice to apply your face mask to a freshly cleaned face. By removing any makeup and residue it allows the face mask to do what it does best even better – go deeper into the pores, remove congestion and refine the skin so you receive all of the benefits of your mask of choice. Use your Daily Cleanser to clean the skin and dry.

Tip: For an added boost use a warm face washer to remove the cleanser. This warms up the skin and opens the pores and ensures a clean surface plus it also feels a bit more pampering.

Step 2 – Get your mask ready

Depending on your mask type, it can get a bit messy so we suggest you pull your hair back (have you seen our gorgeous headbands we have available to use as part of your face mask time). If you need to mix one of your dry masks, apply a small amount into your hand and mix with water or toner to activate the dry ingredients or use a ceramic dish and mask applicator brush to mix your mask.

Tip: Create your own self-care spa time ritual. It is as easy as running a bath, lighting a candle, putting on some calming music on and have your cup of Relax and Restore tea ready to enjoy.

Step 3 – Apply your mask

Use your fingers or your face mask applicator brush to apply the mask evenly onto the skin. Remember you don’t have to stop at the face, continue past the jawline to the chest area and shoulders. Apply to the back area if you have some trouble spots. Be sure to avoid the delicate eye area and nostrils.  You simply want to smooth the mask over your face.

Tip:  If you are applying your TAYDAY Gel mask or the TAYDAY Pink Clay mask using the brush will work fabulously. If using the TAYDAY Exfoliating mask, delicately rub the mask in circular motion over the face, neck and chest and then allow it to sit on the skin just as a face mask would- remember this mask is a dual exfoliator and nourishing mask so is a two step process.

Step 4 – Wait and enjoy

Follow the time directions as indicated on the instructions, however if a little more time passes not to worry, our masks are so gentle and nourishing it will only give you some extra goodness.

Tip: Ideally while you wait the desired time use that time to relax in the bath, do your nails or just sit in stillness. Anything that creates a little pamper ritual time.

Step 5 – Remove your mask

Time to remove your mask. Now the one thing to remember is to be GENTLE. You have just taken the time to nourish and soothe your skin so no harsh rubbing or wiping. You can either just simply remove your mask with water and rinse it off or use a warm face towel or damp cotton wool to gently wipe away the mask. It’s a soft, gentle process all part of nourishing your skin. Pat your skin dry with a towel…gently.

Step 6 – Seal it in

Apply your Daily Restore moisturiser, face oil or Lock It In serum and voila gorgeous, nourished, nurtured skin. Total skin love and hopefully a little ‘me time’

With just a few minutes a week devoted to a little face masking skin love you will see a noticeable difference to the look and feel of your skin AND allow any other products to work even more thoroughly. Such a great way to add some nurture time for yourself.

Love your skin, love your mask – love the skin you are in ?

Our face masks tick all the boxes

✔ Vegan  ✔Australian Made  ✔Sustainable & ethical ingredients  ✔As much organic ingredients as possible  ✔Naturally derived ingredients  ✔Free from sulphates, parabens, synthetic ingredients and colours  ✔Made with love

Want more information on your skin type – find out more here


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