Have you tried the TAYDAY Hydra-Revive Gel Mask yet?

Revive your skin with this super soft hydrating gel mask. Soften and quench thirsty, tired skin to refresh and renew. By providing deep down moisture, skin elasticity is improved as the Hydra-Revive Gel Mask melts into the skin. So gentle you can leave this mask on for as long as you like while it works its magic! you will love the benefits this mask provides to your skin. It is time to Revive!

This mask is beneficial for all skin types. Beneficial for dehydrated, thirsty and mature and ageing skin.

This gel-based formula contains high performing active Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid,  this form of Hyaluronic Acid used in the TAYDAY Hydra-Revive Gel Mask is completely Vegan unlike other forms which are derived from animal sources, this form of Hyaluronic acid is sourced through a bio fermentation process. Hyaluronic Acid is hydrating an moisturising and assists in the production of collagen. It helps the skin to look plumps, smooth, hydrated and firm and restores elasticity to the skin. It also has antibacterial properties and helps protect the skin from environmental exposure, encourages cell renewal and aids in retaining moisture within the skin layers.

Jojoba Oil  has an anti-inflammatory properties, hydrates the skin and eases negative effects of skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

Lavender moisturises the skin and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifies the skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

Chamomile has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities that help to decongestant clogged pores, making Chamomile one of the best herbal extracts for acne. It is also rich in flavonoids and antioxidants effective in protecting the skin against free radicals that cause aging.

This beautiful gel mask melts right into the skin and can be worm for the allocated time or as long as you want.

Beneficial for:

All skin types

Benefits dehydrated, dry skin

Ageing and mature skin

Sensitive skin

Blemish prone skin

Active Ingredients:

Hyalurnic acid

Jojoba Oil




Natural Scent:

Ylang Ylang


Rose Geranium



Simply apply a generous layer of the gel mask to the face and neck and leave on for 10-20 minutes (or as long as needed) before removing with water or a face cloth. Use 1-2 times a week.

All of our masks are made with love, handmade in Australia with natural, sustainable and ethical ingredients, 100% vegan, no nasties – Free from sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours and petro chemicals or anything artificial and absolutely cruelty free. Each mask is suitable for any of the 5 skin types and will nourish and benefit and heal the skin regardless of your skin type. We nourish from the get go when hand crafting these beautiful products so that you can nourish at home knowing that your using quality, soul smiling feel good products. We hope these masks inspire you to create a beautiful TAYDAY ritual for yourself, a moment to take time out, to nourish, to check in and feel the goodness and love, your skin will love you! Enjoy!