5 Reasons you will love using a face mask

5 Reasons you will love using a face mask

What is the benefit of face masking? Well there are many but here are our top 5 reasons to use a face mask as part of your weekly skincare ritual.

1. Quick results

A face mask is a perfect skincare treatment to provide an instant result. You will most likely notice and feel tightened, toned hydrated and cleaner skin after you have applied your face mask. Face Masks are a great treatment for the skin as they are designed to go deeper into the skin and work their magic. Concerntrated ingredients penetrate and serve their function whether that is to hydrate and soften the skin or to deep clean your pores, removing excess oils, build ups and residues allowing for more refined skin. Other face masks like an enzyme mask work to exfoliate the skin often needing adequate time for the active ingredients to remove the dead skin from the top layer.  Either way you should notice a difference straight after use. Usually face makss are formulated with a multitude of ingredients to Boost your skin with extra benefits.


2. They are easy to use

A face mask is such a fun and easy way to treat your skin. Sure it might be a bit messy if you are using a dry mask as you combine your mask with toner or water to activate the ingredients but that’s all part of the fun. If you have a face mask applicator brush it makes the process a little cleaner but really it is an easy step to better skin and a great way for some skin care time. Just mix (if needed), apply and allow the skin to reap the benefits. Remember when applying your mask don’t stop at the face. Always continue applying your face mask down the neck, chest and even the arms and back depending on your skin concerns and type of mask.. Easy!


3. Some self-care pamper time

Creating that self-care ritual is something that is not only necessary but a unique experience for all of us. Being able to apply your face mask in the comfort of your own home means that you can do it whenever you like, however you like and you can make this time as pampering and luxurious or as quick and easy as you want. However if you do want to create some well needed pamper time, we would suggest running a bath infused with some bath salts, applying your mask, lighting some candles, making a cup of nurturing tea and there we go you have just created a mini spa for yourself. You could incorprate a facial massage when applying your mask as an extra skin boost spa experience.


4. Relaxation

It’s a great time for some mental down time. If you can find some time for silence and relaxation in those moments then you should. When you use your face mask , as your skin is being nurtured so should your mind. You could also use that time to, write in your journal, sit and meditate or just rest, anything that is special, comforting and nourishing for you. I know some people who water their gardens while their face mask is on as this to them is very relaxing as they tend to nature. Its your time so relax into it.

5. It’s a great skincare ritual

Face masking should be incorporated into your weekly skincare regime if you want to get the best out of your skincare products and skincare maintenance. As we like to say with 30+ skins, maintenance is key so you might as well love your skincare routine. While daily maintenance is a must as you cleanse, serum and moisturise your skin, the deep cleanse and nourishment that a face mask offers actually allows your daily cleansers and moisturisers work even better as you create a cleaner, clearer surface. Daily products will be absorbed by your skin quicker and deeper getting you the skin love results that you want much faster. It’s a super weekly practice to enjoy. A weekly face mask boost will definately have you seeing some great results.