Giving yourself a facial massage is not only relaxing but is also super good for boosting your skin often leaving you feeling fresh faced and rejuvenated. Facial massage is so beneficial and is said to release tension, increase blood circulation, tone the muscles & stimulate collagen production (yay!), improve lymphatic drainage and enhance the penetration of the serum or mask you are using while doing the massage. It is a technique that is easy to learn and once you get the hang of it you can easily be incorporated into your skincare routine a few times a week. Remember to be slightly firm but gentle with a soft touch while massaging. Take 5 minutes or 20 minutes it is up to you!

Step 1

Make sure you have cleansed your face and your hands are clean.

Step 2

Rub your hands together to warm them up and add some Serum to your hands

Step 3

Gently press the palms of your hands to your face and move your hands outwards in sweeping motions. Work from nose outwards.

Step 4

Use your fingertips and start from the nose again and work your way out in gentle circular motions massaging the skin

Step 5

Place your fingertips in the centre of your brows and use firm pressure to sweep upwards & outwards

Step 6

Use your palms to sweep up the neck, in firm sweeping motions.

Step 7

Sweep your palms across your chest from one shoulder to the next covering the décolletage area.

 Step 8

Wipe any remaining serum onto the back of your hands as the skin here often shows signs of ageing.

Once you have finished massaging with your serum continue with your normal skincare such as your moisturiser and SPF if it is daytime.

And voila your skin feels good and I bet you feel like you have given yourself a little pamper time as skin feels rejuvenated.

Enjoy your new facial massage technique.