“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.”—Wayne W. Dyer

When we are in those tough situations whether it is a stressful work situation or parenting situation, a troubling time or you feel particularly burdened or stressed out about it is always difficult not to sink into this and feel angry, lost and confused about the situation at hand. Recently I have been looking at ways to handle these situations differently and the best solution I have find is to ask for peace instead. To ask for peace instead of anger, to ask for peace instead of resentment, to ask for peace instead of pain, to ask for peace instead of harboring conflict, when lost and unsure ask for peace instead of being stuck in those feelings.

How you ask for peace is up to you, maybe it is just a little faith in the universe and ask the universe to feel and see peace instead of how you are feeling, maybe pray for peace, maybe just affirm it and say ’I choose to feel peace instead of (whatever you are feeling) and every time you feel yourself lost in those negative feelings and find yourself surrendering to them where you bring yourself down and your thoughts and energy into a downward spiral return to the affirmation of ‘I ask to feel peace’ or ‘I ask for peace for all involved.’

Sometimes feeling peace will bring us the compassion we need to handle the situation, a new perspective, more patience, a clearer understanding. When we are looking at a trying event with eyes of anger, frustration, sadness or hurt we can sometimes only see one perspective and feel like we are stuck in it. When we ask for peace we can see the situation in a new light, maybe one that comes from the heart instead. Maybe it will help heal the wound, maybe it will just make you feel better especially when you don’t know what else to do. Choose peace.✌✌✌