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While we may forgo that bath for a quicker shower time, and while a shower is great, research shows that having a bath is actually pretty good for you and well, if your going to take some me time what better way to do it that having a bath. Just the association you get with taking a bath is enough as often it implies that it is time to relax, you have to take the time to run your bath and then take the time to relax and enjoy your bath. According to Healthline* bathing in warm water for 10 minutes can reduce fatigue, stress, and pain and increase feelings of contentment and emotional health. Having a hot bath can help improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and helps soothe sore stiff muscles, helps you to fall asleep quicker and also is great for detoxing the skin and really after a stressful long day having a nice relaxing bath is really only going to benefit us and help us feel better as we make the effort to relax and wind down! It is also the perfect way to take a moment to rest your mind and check in with yourself while you relax and connect to your thoughts and feelings and put into perspective your day.

We believe having a relaxing bath can be such a simple way to create a great ritual for yourself. Why not turn your next bath time into something special from TAYDAY!

TAYDAY Grapefruit & Rose Blend Bath salts allows you to soak away the stress of the day and indulge while soothing tired muscles and detoxing your skin. Enjoy the beautiful aroma and nourish with natural Ingredients. A beautiful ritual to create for yourself. This is a beautiful soak with so many super ingredients and is 100% natural. Give yourself permission to take the time to indulge, soothe, unwind, detox and restore. With botanicals, dead sea salt and magnesium the benefits are amazing. Dense in ingredients and blended with dried red rose buds this is the ultimate in relax time

Dead sea salt is hydrating and is known as an anti-inflammatory and has natural anti-bacterial properties and is great for dry, sensitive and itchy skin and soothes sore muscles. Clay powder helps to draw out toxins from the skin improving your overall skin health and tone. Himalayan salt, relaxes and calms and reduces stress & pain. Plus, all the other glorious ingredients like jojoba oil, organic rose petal powder, grapefruit essential oils and rose essential oil just make this bath soak delicious.

Maybe for a bit of fun add a Rose Gold Peach Passion Bath Bomb into your bath, its heavenly scent and gorgeous colour will definitely turn your bath into a spa. Turn the tap back on once it has dissolved for a gorgeous luxe bubble bath soak.

While you at it, turn the lights down and light a TAYDAY Love candle in honor of yourself and this time you have taken (every candle comes with a little dedication card), apply a TAYDAY mask and for a super extra relax session brew a cup of the delicious and nourishing Unwind Tea Blend and enjoy your time, make an experience out of it, set the intention to relax, nourish and re-connect with yourself! its that simple.