about TAYDAY

The inspiration for TAYDAY came about from my beautiful daughters who inspired that love, delicious, soul smiling feel. I wanted to find a way to allow everyone to feel that warmth and love, a gift from the heart, to reach out to others with well thought out and made with love products. Its about being appreciated and feeling special. With so much going on in our lives often we forget to nourish ourselves and find a few minutes just to be so I wanted to make creating a little ritual for ourselves simple and easy with lovely products that collaborate together to allow us to have that special time for ourselves and create a ritual of wellness, nourishment, love and care. We all deserve to feel special and I hope TAYDAY can be the platform that allows you to easily make yourself or the other people in your life feel special and loved and feel good about finding moments to have a cup of sunshine tea or pop your face mask on and just enjoy it! 

Every aspect of TAYDAY stands true to creating a place of wellness, creativity, appreciation for ourselves and others, to nourish the body and the soul, its that soul smiling feel good vibe that I hope translates through every product & gift.

Created, crafted, blended, designed with love, wrapped with love and given with love. Whether for someone special or gifting to yourself I hope that you allow yourself to take a moment to connect and feel good. I hope you are inspired to create a TAYDAY ritual for yourself! 

Make everyday a Tayday!

In gratitude always…


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