An at home foot spa this weekend sounds amazing and we have the right products to help get those feet looking spa perfect again.  ⁣

So we can’t go get our usual pedicure and we know how good it feels when we do BUT we can do a little home foot spa and tend to those feet and toes as best we can ?? ⁣

Here is a step by step guide for you on how to get your feet soul happy again.

1. Soak your feet in the bath or a tub filled with warm water. Add a bit of the TAYDAY Minty Matcha Body Scrub to the warm water and allow the organic mix of Matcha Green Tea, Jojoba, Peppermint and Almond oils to nourish and cleanse the feet. You could also add a Peach Passion bath bomb and let the water flow as it dissolves to create a gorgeous smelling bubble bath.

2. Remove feet and tend to your toe nails. cut and buff nails and remove old nail polish. Push cuticles back if needed. ⁣

3. Use your Minty Matcha Body Scrub to exfoliate the feet and calves. Working from the soles move your way up the feet to the ankles and calves. Spend a good 10 minutes scrubbing. Once you have finished scrubbing give your feet, toes and calves a gentle massage. If you are not sure how to give yourself a foot massage, I recommend watching this video I have used on YouTube called Soothe tired, achy feet with self massage by Rachel Richards Massage for some ultimate foot pamper massage and relaxation. 

4. Rinse your feet and dry off⁣ your feet.

5. Apply moisturiser and either pop on a pair of socks to keep feet warm and allow the moisturiser to penetrate the feet or add on your favorite shade of nail polish and done ? ⁣

Some self-care feeling good, fancy feet maintenance and a lovely relaxing massage all from the comfort of your own home. 

Body scrub

Minty Matcha Organic Body Scrub TAYDAY